Changing a link to a developer site in the Poseidon WordPress theme

In this article, we’ll look at one and the nuances when updating themes on WordPress.

To conduct my blog, I use the theme Poseidon.
After updating the theme in the footer menu, a link to the developer’s site has appeared. To remove it, you need to go to the hosting control panel or any other panel that has access to editing the php files of our site. Find the file footer.php in the folder */docs/wp-content/themes/poseidon. Open it in the editor. Find and change the following code (in the example below, I have already made the necessary changes to me):

<div id=”footer-text” class=”site-info”>
<a href=””>The site was created by an amateur, professional design at</a>
</div><!– .site-info –>

Save the changes. Update the page and you will see that the link is changed.

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